America’s Decline in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Skills

Despite having a recession in our midst, there are a whopping 600,000 manufacturing jobs in America that are going unfilled. Jobs Go Unfilled Because Workers Lack Skills . This 600,000 doesn’t include the number of individuals who aren’t taking trucker or other blue collar jobs anymore. Instead of getting useful training, many Americans are wasting their time and money on useless 4 year degrees in…I don’t know…being a liberal?

67% of Manufacturing companies in the United States report difficulties with finding qualified workers. Meanwhile, in countries like India and China – the rates of graduating engineers is more explosive than a Colorado forest fire on the fourth of July (Okay, bad joke). When I worked at an Indian Restaurant, 9 out of 10 of my co-workers were getting some type of degree in Software Engineering.

So why is this happening? Why are other countries around the world (specifically the Asian Countries) rapidly outpacing the United States in STEM skills? It’s not because the U.S. doesn’t spend enough on education. In fact, educational spending right now is at an all time high. Educational Spending At Historic Levels According to Heritage Institute . As a percentage of GNP, the U.S. spends more on education than most modern states. But gets less in return.

 A Fun Info Graphic If You Enjoy Looking At Bright Colors
So why is the United States, the world’s great economic super power, falling behind in brain power? Is it because we don’t have good curries or wantons? The answer is simple. Success is a product of value and culture – not money alone. You must have a fertile garden to grow flowers – throwing coins into the ground won’t work.

How Can We Raise Engineers When We Are Now Struggling To Raise Human Beings?

Family is the most fundamental unit of society – and when this falls apart, everything falls apart. Expecting society to remain in tact without stable families is like expecting an atom to stabilize without electrons. I’m not saying that everyone has to live a Nuclear Leave it To Beaver Life (haha…see what I did there?) – but I do have enough sense to acknowledge that it takes a village to raise a child.

The modern day Motley Crue…err I mean family…doesn’t instill discipline in the children. Mainly because the father is not around anymore to do this task. Oh but the single mothers are soooo BRAVE! Saying a Single Mother is brave is like sawing your own arm off, but then getting praise for being the best one armed juggler. You may get a lot done for being a single mother, but you are much, much less likely to achieve the same results as you would’ve in a full and functional family. Rates of incarceration, depression and suicide are much higher among men from single mother households.

How Can We Raise Engineers in a Feminized School System? 

One of the major culprits in this fiasco is the Feminization of the school system that took place in the 1990’s. Back in the 90’s, girls were not performing as well as boys. The school system did a drastic overhaul to make education more girl friendly (i.e. less competitive). This overhaul placed greater emphasis on soft skills that were beneficial to girls – such as the liberal arts. The hard, direct discipline needed to instruct boys was phased out because this also wasn’t girl friendly. The result? A school system where boys are increasingly lagging behind, graduating at lower rates – and a school system that produces more soft skills (liberal arts, language studies) than the hard skills of engineering and science.

Maybe Boys are Just Better at Math and Science

Gasp! I said it! Call the Feminazi Gestapo and throw me in the brig! There are many skills that we can openly say that girls are naturally better at: language skills, expressing emotions, nurturing etc. Yet if we openly talk about what boys are good at – this is a huge no no. Despite 50 years of Feminism, a majority of (STEM) graduates are overwhelmingly male. Even with all the scholarships and increased attention thrown at girls – they still cannot match boys in STEM skills. Women have successfully risen to the challenge in many other fields (business, legal, medical etc.) Yet if it takes this much work to get women involved in Math and Science, perhaps we’re wasting time that we should’ve been spending on the boys.

Now I’m not saying that women shouldn’t do STEM. That is not at all the point of this blog. The point of this blog is that those who can work hard toward a goal should be successful. If a woman is passionate about math and science, I would like to see her succeed. But what this blog is against is entitlement feminism and policies that are detrimental to men. We shouldn’t create a soft education system wrapped around the idea of building up women – when it ends up being detrimental to the men who could be our future engineers. We shouldn’t throw tons of funding at women while ignoring potential men.

We should try to create an education system that is good for men and women. That helps people reach their full potential. With the declining graduation rates of males in the schooling system it is clear that our society is not doing everything it can to help men reach this potential.

Is this an explanation for China and India’s Engineering Successes? 

India and China have much larger male populations than the United States does. Yes, I know this is through female infanticide, which is a horrible evil to be sure. But the results of this allow one to study the results of a mostly male population. Which is – a greater production of engineering, mathematical, technological and scientific output.

Of course these guys will have to pay the price of their actions when they can’t even find a date.


What is my point in all this. Am I advocating infanticide….hell to the no! But what I’m saying is that when you build up a man to his full potential – he can accomplish great things.  In the post war 1950’s, we produced a large number of engineers. We landed on the moon in the 60’s. We brought the world computers and the internet in the 20th century.

Yet now in the 21st century we struggle to find our own assholes while iphones are built on Chinese shores.

Can we really expect a great output in engineering and science when we foster a school system that breaks men down, so as to not threaten women? The answer to that is no.

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Stats on BDSM Kinks: Still Don’t Believe In Female Submission?

Poll on kinks by gender. 


Go to the link below to see the stats on preferred kink/sexuality


Total Females Voting: 233

Percentage out of female voters who prefer submission (Bottoms and Subs): 69%

Percentage out of female voters who prefer dominance (Dommes and Tops): 3%

Percentage out of female voters who prefer something in between (Total Female Voters – Submission and Dominance Percentage): 28%


This is a poll explicitly for those in the BDSM community, therefore, such stats may differ among non kinky people.

The terminology of the poll is misleading. Many people don’t know what a “domme” is, and “dom” didn’t have a gender next to it. Therefore, many dominant females might have clicked the “dom” box by mistake. So there may be more dominant females than this poll suggests.

Feelings of dominance and submission may differ among heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual women. The poll does not examine this.

There is no category for trans people.

The Mix of Both category doesn’t provide a gender.


However, a whopping 69% of the female voters clicked the sub f and bottom f boxes intentionally. That’s like 7 out of every 10 women! I’m not castigating women here for their sexual preferences. I’m simply using this poll as an example of the fact that women – overwhelmingly – prefer to be the submissive mate.

Male Results: 

Males show a more even spread of desires.

Total Male Voters: 239

Percentage of Dominant Males (Dom M + Top M): 41%

Percentage of Submissive Males (Sub M + Bottom M): 20%

Percentage of Male Voters In Between: 39%


A slight majority of men prefer dominance. About a third of men don’t care (Doesn’t Matter, Had Sex Meme!). Slightly less than a third prefer submission.

The Good News:

A majority of males have the capacity to attract a majority of females! The 41% of dominants already have what it takes. The 39% of “Doesn’t Matter, Had Sex” crowd that is happy with Submissive and Dominant behavior can try to orient their mating behavior towards the dominating side of the spectrum. This means that 80% of males have what it takes to attract and retain (at least in sexual terms) a majority of females who happen to be submissive.

For the 20% of males who crave submission, at least there is a female 28% who are happy to engage in both sub and dom behavior. As a sub male, you’ll have to be willing to switch it up and be dominating every now and then – but its not necessary all the time. And who knows, maybe you won’t have to if you can find your Female Dominatrix butterfly.

So why aren’t people sexually satisfied? 

frustrated couple in bed

We live in a culture that nurtures people against their nature. In the 90’s, there was a widespread campaign in U.S. public schools to encourage girls to be leaders, have more confidence, and engage in more assertive behavior. Conversely, the same campaign has encouraged boys to be more considerate, docile, and sycophantic

The end result is a generation of people who have been socialized against their primitive instincts. Our primitive, sexual instincts are a million years old. They’re not going to change because of a feminist social movement that happened 50 years ago – unless rapid advancements in gene modification therapy are made.

The end result is a generation of people who are unsatisfied with their sex lives and marriages. A large number of the upper and middle class are seeking expensive therapy, counseling, and medication. The poor who can’t afford these luxuries, to a large degree, are simply knocking each other up and avoiding commitment all together.

We need to ignore all the garbage the media and the education system have shoved into our brains. We need to listen to our instincts.

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Psychology Today: Classic Example of Blaming the Beta

You can find the article below.

Image: Human bride kissing chimp husband

In our culture Men are portrayed like this. 

Everything about this article exemplifies the steaming, hot, bullshit of the culture which we live in. Beneath this article’s sugar coated, candy crust there is a grain of truth to be found.

“Women generally initiate more breakups and two-thirds of divorces, becoming more disillusioned than men.They compare their mates with their friends much more than men do, says Doherty.”

YEeeess! Okay, we’re on to something here! Is this article going to call women out on the fact that they are the ones who destroy families, twice as much as men? That their expectations, perverted by feminism, are more tenuous than castle made of toothpicks?

“They tend to have a model or framework for what the relationship should be. They are more prone to the comparison between what they have and what they think they should have. Men tend to monitor the gap between what they have and what they think they deserve only in the sexual arena. They don’t monitor the quality of their marriage on an everyday basis.”

(Sarcasm) Oh it’s not women’s faults. They just care more about quality than men do. Of course, it’s the man’s fault that so many marriages fail! (bands head against nearby wall).

If you have the patience to read through the entirety of the article, you’ll find that it blames men for a majority of marital problems, while dancing around the obvious stats that indite women.

The Betas Are To Blame

Men and women are both interviewed about their views on marriage and divorce in this article. Yet there is no mention of women divorcing men for being controlling, abusive, or adulterous.

Example 1. 

The beginning of this article blames Elliot Katz for being too Beta in his marriage.

“What he decided was, indeed, there were some things he could have done differently—like not tried as hard to be so noncontrolling that his wife felt he had abandoned decision-making entirely. His wife, he came to understand, felt frustrated, as if she were “a married single parent,” making too many of the plans and putting out many of the fires of family life, no matter how many chores he assumed.”

The article goes on to describe how he assumed the duties of feeding his kids in the morning, going to work, and doing the house hold chores. How dare he be a considerate person!?

Then, to add insult to injury, the article goes further to state that it was really HIS fault that the marriage failed.

He shouldn’t have been so non-controlling. It was so stressful for his wife who was sitting around not doing anything! Poor woman!

Example 2.

Maria Lin is a nonpracticing attorney who married a chef. “I valued character, connection, the heart,” she says. “He was charming, funny, treated me amazingly well, and we got along great.” But over time, intellectual differences got in the way. “He couldn’t keep up with my analysis or logic in arguments or reasoning through something, or he would prove less capable at certain things, or he would misspell or misuse terms. It was never anything major, just little things.”

I’m sure Maria Lin wouldn’t dump one of her friends for something as trivial as mispelling words. Yet mispelling words is enough to entitle Maria to abandon a charming, funny, chivalrous guy. The truth of the situation, is that over time Miss Oh So Intelligent NON-PRACTICING attorney felt that her charming husband was too beta.

He was less intelligent than her, therefore inferior, therefore beta.

So Alpha’s Are Off The Hook? 

No where does this article give examples of women who left their husbands for the typical alpha behavior of cheating and abuse. The article does say that cheating and abuse are valid reasons to leave your mate – but doesn’t give any examples of women who have done this.

The Elephant In The Room 

So 2 out of every 3 divorces are initiated by women? In addition to women having unrealistic expectations, there is another crucial factor that this article completely ignores.

Most men get sodomized by the divorce courts.

There are many men out there who would actually like to get divorced, but don’t. Many of these men choose to endure a soul crushing, unhappy marriage because they don’t want half their assets, their home, and their children ripped away from them.

If Rebecca Webber, the author of this article, truly wanted to solve divorce issues in this country, she would’ve suggested ideas for divorce reform.


The point of my post is not to blame all women for all failed marriages. Rather, I’m trying to illuminate the fact that as a culture, we’re too quick to blame beta men for a majority of relationship problems, and let women off the hook completely. Both men AND women should be held accountable for the total destruction of marriage and family in this country. Both genders should have realistic expectations in marriage. It’s good to have healthy expectations for yourself and your mate. Yet a woman shouldn’t divorce her husband for not being an Edward Cullen (twilight male lead). A husband shouldn’t divorce his wife for not being a Leave it To Beaver mom in the kitchen, and a porn star in the bedroom.

What our culture needs is a hard core look at the facts. Not sugar coated pop psychology. A majority of women want a dominant male. That is the fact that this pithy article refuses to state. How do we fix this?

It’s okay to portray men as apes, but what if the article had this picture? 

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Alpha or beta male test, what type of man are you into?

The Test:

Go here for results!

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Dispelling the Myth that Feminism Creates National Wealth

Many of us on the blogsphere are familiar with the prominent feminist argument that Feminism increases a country’s wealth and prosperity. Feminists look to first world countries and say:

Hey, this country is rich AND feminist, therefore feminism caused the wealth.

Then they look at impoverished countries and say:

This country is poor AND anti-feminism. The anti-feminism is making them poor.

Yet this is an example of the statistical fallacy of “correlation = causation.”

Feminism on its own does not directly make a country wealthy. Rather, feminism is a symptom of wealth. After all, Feminism is a rather expensive drain on the state that only first world countries can afford.


Feminism requires the following State and Corporate funding to function:

Paid maternity leave, subsidized child care, government funded women’s shelters, government enforcement of domestic abuse law – alimony laws – child support law- child protective services, the enforcement of quotas and affirmative action, and government funded women’s interest groups.

The most feminist countries in the world, Sweden for example, are also the most socialist countries in the world.

As we can see, Feminism is not a natural state. It is an artificially created state that requires massive funding to exist.

Without government interference, society requires strict conventions and social norms to function. Culture does not pop up arbitrarily from the ground. Centuries…nay…millenia of cultural and religious norms have existed because society could not function without these norms. Yes, this is an atheist blog. But I have the understanding that humans have created Gods for the purpose of holding society together. Religion is Santa Claus for adults, a function of the social imaginary that rewards and affirms social positive behavior, while condemning and instilling fear of social negative behavior.


The reason that feminism did not exist before the industrial revolution is not because everyone was stupid, but because it simply wasn’t possible. A man’s strength was required to work the fields and fight wars. A multitude of children was required to help maintain the estate. Only wealthy, high class women had the luxury to get an education and (sometimes) build lives of their own choosing (look at the prolific French Author George Sand). The rest of women were required to perform certain tasks out of necessity: child making, food making, clothing making. Society simply could not BE without supportive family women.


Well…that’s the thing. With the recession and a government in debt, society CAN’T support feminism. Need an example?

Look at Topeka Kansas:

Topeka Kansas is actually considering decriminalizing domestic abuse because the courts can no longer afford the costs of mediating in marriages.

With the Mancession in progress, many men can no longer afford the alimony and child support costs demanded by the courts. Jails are running out of room and funding to process and convict run away fathers and men convicted of spousal abuse.

I predict that as the economy declines, feminism will also be diminished in the ashes of the wake (yes, I do listen to Lamb of God).


No, absolutely not. A culture can accept a philosophy without being religious. For example, the Chinese have Confucianism and our founding “deist” fathers were influenced by the Enlightenment Movement. A society can adopt a supportive philosophy without being religious.

Our society needs to adopt and form some new value of family responsibility, gender equality, and humanism. We don’t necessarily need something that is rigid to the nuclear dynamic of the 50’s, but we need to hold all people accountable for their actions (men and women) and offer support and solidarity to one another.


Dismiss Alimony, Equal Pay acts, Welfare, and all the other entitlement programs that give the lazy a free ride. Without the government acting as Enabler Daddy, people will find strength in numbers, strength in culture, and support from family – as our ancestors have for centuries. These entitlements make people lazy and drain our society of the need for culture and family responsibility.


I am currently a college attending female, in my early 20’s. I am earning a low enough income to qualify for welfare. I make under 20,000 a year and am living in a high cost area. My parents are poor and cannot support me. Yet I would never apply for welfare because I do not want to be a drain on my state. I am currently taking out loans and have a job. At one time I had three jobs and attended 12 credit hours of school because I refuse to mooch off of anyone. There is nothing special about me. If I can do this, anyone can.

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Ding, Dong, Ditch Daddy ~ an explanation of America’s scary new parenting trend

In one of my writing classes, a girl in our group wrote a story about how she and her fiance are coping with her current pregnancy. After she read her story to the group, my professor, a man in his 60’s, remarked, “Is it common these days for couples to have children before marriage?”

The four people in our group, three young women and one young man, explained to our professor that the girl is lucky if the man even stays! The more common set up these days is – girl gets pregnant – boyfriend runs to the hills.

This story is usually followed by the refrain, “there are no good/responsible men these days! Ugggh!”

Ladies and gentleman, you can thank Feminism for this new societal development.

Thanks to the changes made by Feminism, Fatherhood these days confers more risks than benefits, and more net losses than gains. Lets look at the data:

According to the United States Census Bureau, only 42.5% of first marriages last. Your chances of winning Black Jack are almost better than your chance of staying married.

Another fun Census Bureau stat, 97% of those paying alimony are male.

These days, young men have learned from the mistakes of their fathers. When a man “Does the right thing” and marries his pregnant partner, there is a high likely hood of him paying the bills the rest of his life, when the marriage falls apart.

Okay, so why don’t men just decide to not marry – but still stay with their partner? Well, an increasing number of men are taking this route. Today there are actually more unmarried than married couples living together.

But even this arrangement is risky for the father, because in the very likely chance the relationship ends, he will get the “every other weekend” arrangement while paying all the child support (since 84% of child support payments are made by men).

Can you see where this is going? Fatherhood = no time with children + bills.

Also, there is no support that that money actually GOES to the child, or the best interest. Often this child support is misused. I worked with one man who had to eat Spam every day at lunch while his ex-wife was using his child support money to buy the kids i-phones and designer clothing. Despite this wasteful spending – she was taking him to court to get even more child support out of him than what he was already paying. Their marriage ended because she was having an affair. Now the ex-husband is paying the price for her adultery.

You may ask, so why don’t men do the responsible thing and practice a little planned parenthood?

Men have little control in the child birthing process. As of yet, there is no reliable birth control pill for men. Condoms are not always reliable either. Some women who want to get pregnant can easily prick holes in the condom.

Once the woman is pregnant, the man has no say in the matter. If he decides that he wants to keep the kid, the woman can still get an abortion and kill his child. If he decides that he is unable to care for a child, she can still have it anyways and press him for child support for the next 18 years of his life.

So now, are you still surprised that the new norm is Daddy playing a game of Ding, Dong, Ditch?

With little say, little freedom, and almost no benefits, many men are resorting to leaving the state or even the country to escape the confines of “fatherhood” cough Slavery.

The only way we can bring Fatherhood back is if we reform alimony, child support, and abortion law.


END IT. It may have had a purpose 30 years ago, when women did not have the skills necessary to enter the workforce, when it was expected that a woman would live under a man’s care. But in this day and age women have more jobs than men and are earning more college degrees. The few sectors of the workforce that are increasing are predominantly female: administrative and care taking roles. The male dominated sectors of the workforce, construction and manufacturing, are experiencing massive cuts.


Split child custody 50/50 and end mandatory child support payments. Each parent shares 50% of the DNA. Why should one parent get more time than another? End of argument.


Reform Abortion Law to make the decision process include both parents.

First let me say this, a woman shouldn’t be forced to have an abortion if her boyfriend doesn’t want the baby. That would be incredibly traumatic for the mother. BUT…and here is the big BUT…there should be a legal arrangement that gives the father an”opt out” option, if he is opposed to the birth of the child. Legally, the biological father should have a choice about his role, just like women do.

Only when our circus troupe of a government adopts these reforms, will men begin to feel like they have some agency over their lives…and become more comfortable with the idea of fatherhood.

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The Antifeminist Atheist.


Many of you on the internet are accustomed to the two opposing camps that define the feminist landscape. Religious women tend to be in the anti-feminist camp, representing a return to tradition, morality, and sexual dichotomy. Whereas the Feminist camp typically represents modernism, a departure from religion, and the embrace of academia and sexual liberty.

However, I am a Female Atheist and I find myself at home in the anti-feminist camp. I do not embrace this stance out of ideological or moral reasons. As an ISTP (Engineer personality type) I embrace this stance because I can no longer hide or deny the the blatant and obvious truth of human nature. Logic motivates me. Facts compel me.


Submission is the natural state of woman.

Look at the success of the Twilight series. It is a story about a girl with a stalker vampire boyfriend who watches her in her sleep. He is superior to her in every way: strength, intellect, and judgement. Hell, he’s even a couple decades older than her.

Where are the Romance stories about egalitarian relationships? Where are the Romance stories about women with boyfriends who have the same intellect, income, and power in the relationship? Or further more…where are the romance stories – female authored – about Stay at Home Dads? High Earning, Power House Wives with their submissive Husbands? Perhaps there may be a couple out there that I don’t know about – but in quantity and success, they do not match the legions of stories about women hooking up with a superior man.

The truth is, Women, for the most part, are not attracted to submissive men. I would go as far to say that many women find the idea of a submissive man to be disgusting. Prove me wrong! I dare you!

In the Western World, I stand before a society that is in the state of decay. Marriage is dissolving at an expedient rate. Feminism is instilling women with dominance that they – at a deeper level – don’t really want. The White House Council on Women and Girls has recently found that the “wage gap” between men and women exists not exclusively because of sexism, but because women often choose to work less and decline promotions to jobs with more demands and more power.

Feminism is also coaxing men into a role of submission that makes them repulsive to women. Men unconnected, undomesticated by the demands of family are becoming untethered – ripped apart from the fabric that is society. Statistically, in the United States, men suffer four times the rate of suicide that women do.  Many of the men who don’t kill themselves turn to a life of violence. Our prisons are about 90% male.

Norway shooter Behring Breivik cites Feminism as one of the causes for his massacre.

Mass shootings such as this and the ones that take place in schools were not a problem before the advent of modern feminism.

Thanks to Feminism, murder, rape, and crime have all increased many times over since the sixties.

I will provide factual backing for these claims in posts to come. This post exists chiefly to establish my purpose, belief, and mission in this blog.


I want to Embrace Eve. Eve, the primordial representation of my womanhood. Helpmeet, lover, and companion to man. I do not literally believe she was a person, but I embrace the idea of her. Adam needed this nurturing presence in his life. Without a companion, he would’ve gone mad.

Anti-feminism may be a taboo philosophy in this culture. It may be the forbidden fruit of our time. But as Eve I embrace it. I revel in its succulent delights.

I am sick of this “End of Men” bullshit that media outlets like The Atlantic spout. I will not be a “good sport” and stand by as my brethren are castrated.

To be clear, I do support many of the tenants of the original feminist discourse: rights to personal income, voting, and divorce.


But I do not support the entitlement monster that feminism has become. Divorce is reasonable, but not alimony. Women have more jobs than men do now. Isn’t feminism supposed to be about women proving that they don’t NEED men to financially support them? If this is true, why does the feminist movement insist on shackling a man’s wallet to his divorced wife?


Also children should be shared 50-50 in a divorce, but more often than not, the father is stuck with “every other weekend” while he is expected to foot the child support bill.

A woman working hard to earn a powerful position and decent income at her workplace is part of the American dream, but not when equal pay acts and quotas are enforced upon a company to undermine their productivity.

Also, its a good thing when both partners can work to support one another, but not when the child is thrown into perpetual daycare. I used to work as a daycare teacher and I can tell you that daycare is not a suitable substitute to the love and guidance that only a parent and family member can provide.

And yes, there is an increasing number of stay at home dads – now with the mancession taking place. I think its great that men get this opportunity to spend more time with their children. Yet women are not attracted to stay at home dads. This can explain why the number of stay at home dads is still pathetically low (despite a few increases) – less than 5 % – even though women are now the primary job holders in the United States.


I will also state that this blog is not a venue for misogyny. If you hate women, take your complaints elsewhere. This is a blog that loves woman – in her true form, and hates what Feminism has done to distort her. She is confused, she exists contrary to herself. She does not know what she wants.

In her ego she believes that it is her mission to be strong – independent – self loving, but in her id she craves Submission; she yearns for a man that she can care for – love – support. The Ego is a plastic shell that has encased, and imprisoned woman in a cage of name brand sun glasses, skin tight jeans, bleach blonde hair, and a confidence that is more closely affiliated with her credit card – than the contents of her heart.

Revel to arms ladies and gents. For the sake of society, we must do what we can to put an end to entitlement feminism.

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